With springtime comes new life and adventures. Flowers and forests begin to bud with colorful blooms and lush, green foliage. Warmer weather brings back the singing birds and creates the perfect setting for an escape to an exemplary cottage to enjoy it all. Stay in one of the best Muskoka cottage rentals and experience the joys of spring with us at Muskoka District Rentals .

Sipping in the Sun 

Muskoka is known for its beautiful forest lands with towering pines and beautiful maples. Spend a day relaxing on a patio with a delicious drink in hand at the Muskoka Lakes Winery . Springtime is maple syrup season in Muskoka, and while the wine is as tasty as always, the syrup is phenomenal. Experience the decadence of this sweet treat while it is fresh in its season. Sample it in smooth syrups or a rich caramelized confection. There are also maple wines and classic cranberry wines from the Muskoka Lakes Winery bog, so you know it is fresh and entirely local.
A Sunset Sail 
When you have had your share of delightful cranberry and maple creations at the winery, set sail for an evening afloat. Climb aboard the Peerless ll and feel the waves rock you gently back and forth as you set off for Lake Muskoka or Lake Rosseau. There are a variety of cruises available. Choose based on whether you would like to see the lineup of incredible homes built upon the shores, the always stunning wildlife, or dine in luxury as the sun sets. By taking a sunset cruise , you can watch as the sun sinks below the lake’s horizon and vibrant hues of reds and purples paint the skies above you.
Relax in Luxury 
There is no feeling quite like that of retiring to a cottage that has everything you wished for after a long day of experiencing the Muskoka area. Find yourself relaxing under the stars as the waves lap the shore beneath your cottage. Savor a glass of your preferred beverage on the deck as you watch the moonlight reflect off the rippling waters and end your night in sheer relaxation. Find cottages with the perfect amenities like fireplaces to warm yourself by or hot tubs to lounge in on our website . Here at Muskoka District Rentals , we offer immaculate properties for an unforgettable springtime getaway. We have a lineup of the best Muskoka cottage rentals available, and we would love to share our beautiful Muskoka paradises with you.

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