Wintertime in Muskoka is nothing short of a wonderland, full of snow and adventure. With an abundance of activities and incredible scenery, Muskoka will take your breath away. Find your perfect Muskoka cottage rentals with Muskoka District Rentals and let the winter fun begin!

Hitting The Trails
Muskoka has miles of beautiful terrain that gets covered in a blanket of snow during the winter months. This creates the perfect area for winter activities. A few popular ones take visitors through wilderness trails on various footwear to tread over the snow. Snowshoeing ice skating , and cross-country skiing are some of the most popular activities when snow hits the ground. They allow you to make your way through hiking trails and up to areas that open up to beautiful scenery not easily accessible at other times of the year.If you are not a fan of trekking through the woods on foot, there are a few other options to get you outdoors. Sled dog tours are available and our concierge would be happy to assist you in booking. Winter Fat biking is a popular pass time as well. For a little more speed, rent a snowmobile and head out to the groomed trails that run throughout Muskoka.

Try Something New
When you visit someplace new, there is an unwritten rule that you try something new too. Muskoka is a winter wonderland with large amounts of snow and amazing ice formations. Thrill seekers and rock climbers alike can take on the challenge of Ice-climbing and scaling the natural ice formations.
Cozy Up And Wind Down
With all of the cold weather activities, nothing is better than returning to your fabulous rental cottage for the remainder of the day. Cozy up next to the fire with hot cocoa and spend your evening in absolute comfort. You can find your ideal Muskoka cottage rentals on our website Muskoka District Rentals where you can narrow down your search for the perfect winter getaway and let us help you plan your Muskoka winter adventure.

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