There is so much to do in cottage country in the winter! Downhill and cross country skiing, dog sledding, tobogganing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, skating, and more!

1. Ice Skating. Muskoka is the Ice Skating Trail Capital of Canada, with four ice skating trails to lace ’em up on for an unforgettable winter experience!
2. Snowmobiling – speak to Billy at Billy’s Powersports and he will set you up!

3. Downhill Skiing is available at Hidden Valley and Deerhurst to name two.
4. Cross Country Skiing can be arranged while staying at one of our year round cottages!
5. Dog Sledding There are a number of operators in Ontario so check out the one closest to where you want to be at this link!
6. Snowshoeing can be arranged with guides or on your own. A great outdoor winter activity for everyone!
7. Ice Fishing with professional guides is available to all of our guests. Speak with our concierge for more details.
8. Bog to Bottle Tour is a one of a kind travel experience. Tour Johnston’s Cranberry Marsh and Muskoka Lakes Winery with a tasting at the end!

9. Ice Climbing Adventures in Muskoka. Are you looking for fun and excitement this winter? Why not add some “chill” to your thrill? Ice climbing is a mountaineering sport that is popular on the west coast where glaciers make for challenging climbs in the Rockies, but did you know you can also try this sport in Muskoka? The granite rock walls from the Canadian Shield off the perfect terrain for new or more experienced climbers to try their hand at ice climbing in Muskoka. Spectacular cliffs and rock ledges create natural ice falls that reach to ground below, offering over 100 feet of natural climbing.Liv Outside in Bracebridge is the only company in Muskoka to offer this thrilling adventure, providing instruction and rentals for every skill level.
10. Fat Biking Adventures. Biking is a wonderful way to experience the natural beauty of Muskoka – in the winter! Fat bikes allow adventurers to experience the snowy landscape in an entirely new way. Fat bikes get their name from the wider-than-normal tires that make biking in the snow possible. This winter sport has been around since 2005 but has gained a lot more popularity in recent years as a fun and exciting activity that gets you enjoying the great outdoors during the winter. and
11. Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides. This great family activity is fun for all ages, and is a picture perfect way to spend a winter’s afternoon.
12. Outdoor Skating Rinks. Is there anything more Canadian than gliding across an outdoor rink? Whether you are going for a skate with the family, or watching the kids play a pick-up game of pond hockey well after the sun sets, outdoor rinks are a right of passage for Canadians of all ages. There are a number of outdoor rinks across Muskoka that are available for public use, and are maintained throughout the winter (weather dependent).
13. Maple Syrup Experiences. This beloved treat that comes from the sap of Canada’s most famous tree is synonymous with our Canadian heritage. The origins of maple syrup in Canada can be traced back to the native peoples of eastern North America. Legend has it that an Iroquois chief yanked his hatchet out of a maple tree where he had left it. The sweet sap trickled down into a birch bark bowl that was leaning against the tree, and the rest is history. we love our maple syrup in Muskoka, and we have decided to show our love for Canada’s staple product by celebrating its harvest! Come to downtown Huntsville on Saturday, April 29 for the 2nd annual Muskoka Maple Festival!

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